[Suggestion] Notification cutoff


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In the notification emails I get it says -

You will not receive any further emails about this thread until you have read the new messages.

I do hope I c an disable this in admincp so members contin ue to get notifications.

This feature killed off one of my boards. A lot of my members were very busy people who could not visit often. That is they w3ould visit every weeki or two to catch up. But if they stopped getting notifications they forgot to do it.
Same thing has happened to me on boards I belong to because a notification that arrived several days ago and I've been too busy to use it gets buried back in my emails. But if I kept getting them the message is hey there's a lot of stuff happenin over there better make time to go check it out.

Also I hope there is an option to show post text in the notification. This again helps very busy people stay in touch.

I know the ideal is to get people clicking the link and visiting, best of all posting - but in some communities I'd rather keep them informed than cut them off.