PLEASE Notification cutoff as OPTION


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On notification emails I get
"You will not receive any further emails about this thread until you have read the new messages."

I appreciate that some admins might find this useful. I do not so PLEASE can it be made an admin level option?
I am convinced it had a lot to do with one of my communities collapsing.

This was a community of very busy people, mostly leaders of communities or activists, like me. They like me, can't always check alerts immediately. But if a series comes in it nags me in a nice way ... hey this is active bustling stuff so I better make time to catch up on it. This is how email lists often work better as they don't stop coming.

One alert and cutoff for busy people like me can far too easily mean that if I don't check it almost immediately then I just forget about it and nothing else arrives to say hey you forgot this one!
Whereas a series of prompts does get me to visit later after clearing the next 100 or so of my emails!

Again I am not asking for this to be cut as a feature.
Just a clear option at admin level to enable/ disable.