Lack of interest [Suggestion] Notification blues


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I get notifications on quite a few threads - and I genuinely want to click through from my notification emails to see the great ideas and suggestions flowing through.
I'm also not a killjoy and I too like to put in a bit of fun now and again.

But I'm getting very tired of as many as half the notifications I get meaning I click through to get a haha / oh yeah + smilie/ wink wink/ or brief joke line.
It's not that I'd want to crush the sense of fun around XF - and the same on my own forums. But at the same time clicking through to check a notification does take my time and energy. Over a working day the number of times it's a waste of time and irritating when I'm fairly busy - is considerable.

I think the problem is the way notifications work. I have posted about this before.
When I get a notification it threatens to cut me off from any more notification unless I visit the forum.
Now I understand why - it's to push me to visit.

But this creates a real problem for me so this post is about TWO types of problems which could both b e solved by one tweak.

Firstly I don't like the feeling of the threat to cut me off from that thread.
However pleasantly expressed it's a do this or else ... which is a mild threat and I don't like the feel.

Secondly in a busy day if I were less urgently interested in a forum - as in, I'm urgently interested here but I'm also on other communities with a bit less urgency so I undersatand both points of iew -
if I were not ACUTELY interested already
- I wouldn't immediately click a notification to visit.
That means that email slides down my email list and very easily gets lost as new stuff pushes it down. I might not rediscover it for days when I do a weekly check on Unread emails I've overlooked ... and that isn't at all helping to make me visit.
OK not all forum users are as busy as I am with 100s of emails a day so this might not affect them but then just because I'm the type I am I'm a productive forum member so I think my habits deserve cherishing!

I'd REALLY like to opt out of the notification cutoff.
If I got a stream of notifications from the same thread that would tell me good and proper that there was a lot of activity there and I'd visit.
But I could also relax a bit and feel reassured that I'd be kept informed and not cut off.

To reinforce - I'm asking for this as a user option not as default.

Thirdly back to the fun/ serious problem ... if I got a series of 4 notifications and I then visited the chances are that I'd either see
a) at least one informative post among the four
b) an enjoyable exchange of jokey stuff - a series would be a bit more attractive and justifiable to look at than one silly little one line post saying yeah yeah + smilie.

That leaves the problem of a slower thread where I'd get only one notify and might not click through as I'm not being trapped in a state of anxiety by threat of cutoff!
Well for one thing I would pick up on it as Unread at some point
and for another I'd not be CONSTANTLY clicking through to look at one liners that don't hold information, so it wouldn't be so irritating.

Finally as an admin I'd absolutely need to disable this cutoff on one of my forums so I hope this is available in the admincp?