Stuck on some final style changes


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I'm almost there, but there are a few rogue things I just can't seem to change, or find options for in style properties, can anyone help please?

1. I can change every button except the main one, for example Post Reply:

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 16.37.48.png
It always stays blue, how/where can I change this please? This also seems to apply to the "post" button on profile posts.

2. On any member profile, there is a thin blue line on the left and top of the member area (but not the right or bottom):

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 16.45.12.png

Any ideas where to change that setting? (I want to change it from blue to grey).

3. On member posts (on profiles) there is a thin blue line to the right of the avatar and below each post, again, how/where can I change that?

Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 16.46.38.png

I'd like to remove the line to the right of the avatar, and change the bottom line to grey.

4. On Personal Details, in the menu column on the left, where can I change the hover background colour from the default blue?

Thanks :)


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1. The class is .button.primary - not sure if there's a Style Property for it or not, but you can always use EXTRA.css.

2. Again, EXTRA.css using these classes: .profilePage .mast and .profilePage .primaryUserBlock

3. The right border is not present in the default style so that is something you have added. The horizontal divider is part of the .primaryContent class.

4. That's .accountSideBar a:hover