XF 2.2 XF 2.2 Beta 2 and 3 - Stuck in log in loop on some Chrome versions


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I have observed this behavior on two completely separate XF 2.2 Beta 2 and 3 websites...

See this thread:

I go to log in... it then brings me back to the log in page and it looks like I haven't logged in. (it says log in)

I then click log in and it says "You are already logged in. Please click here to return to the forum list."

I return to the forum list and it says I'm not logged in and I need to log in.

The admin control panel just loops back to the log in screen.

I have cleared all cookies and even reinstalled browser.

Works fine on my phone chrome browser and safari on this version. XF 2.1.x sites work fine.

I have seen this behavior on 2 different XF 2.2 beta sites. Curiously it works just fine here on XF.com even after I killed all my cookies while it doesn't work on the beta sites.

I'm running Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) My OS is 10.9.5 and I can't upgrade it on this computer due to legacy software installed.


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Yup I murdered everything. Even downloaded and reinstalled chrome. Safari works fine.

The fact that the exact same thing is happening in a different XF beta 2 site is really strange.


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Press F12 to open the browser inspector and click on the Console tab.

There may be some information there during the log in process which can help.

Chris D

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Not currently seeing how this can be a bug so have moved it to troubleshooting for now.

We may need a reliable reproduction case so we can test it ourselves on the specific URLs.


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And to make it even stranger logging in works fine on another XF 2.2 beta 3 test site I have which I just tried. I'm totally confused.

2 seperate XF 2.2 beta sites have log in loop
1 test site doesn't
XF.com doesn't



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My dev (just updated to beta 3 this aft so haven't been on much since) seems to be okay. Haven't experienced anything like this as of yet.

Shared hosting with Apache. Edge Chromium is my browser of choice. Only add-in is some work-related stuff.