XF 2.2 XF 2.2 Beta 2 and 3 - Stuck in log in loop on some Chrome versions


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I have observed this behavior on two completely separate XF 2.2 Beta 2 and 3 websites...

See this thread:

I go to log in... it then brings me back to the log in page and it looks like I haven't logged in. (it says log in)

I then click log in and it says "You are already logged in. Please click here to return to the forum list."

I return to the forum list and it says I'm not logged in and I need to log in.

The admin control panel just loops back to the log in screen.

I have cleared all cookies and even reinstalled browser.

Works fine on my phone chrome browser and safari on this version. XF 2.1.x sites work fine.

I have seen this behavior on 2 different XF 2.2 beta sites. Curiously it works just fine here on XF.com even after I killed all my cookies while it doesn't work on the beta sites.

I'm running Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) My OS is 10.9.5 and I can't upgrade it on this computer due to legacy software installed.