XF 1.5 Strange Permissions Issue


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Just playing around trying to tighten up my spam which I have pretty much gotten rid of except for profile updates and signatures spam. So I thought I would remove new members from updated them without posting first and getting a group promotion. I thought this would be pretty easy... so much for that.

So I removed these permissions from Registered group created another group but I found it removed it from everyone included admins!

Here is a screen shot of Analyze permissions:

Permissions Problem.webp

Notice that the final value is Yes however as admin I cannot edit my profile. Am I missing something?
It's worth rebuilding the user caches and then going to <url>/install/ and rebuilding the master data there. Did that fix it? If so, an add-on has interfered with permission updates (which can be done accidentally). It may have happened in the past and you're only noticing it now or it may still be happening (unfortunately, we can't really know unless it happens again).
Ok nevermind - it looks like it is come kind of browser cache issue. I was debugging it with another admin he was fine on his end. I tried firefox (was on chrome) and it was working. We will figure it out from there. Sorry to bother.
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