XF 2.2 New install 2.2.3 PL1 with import from VB4.2.5: permissions issue with running tasks in ACPP


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The XF install and vB import went fairly smoothly.The XF forum seems to be working as expected and I can log into the AdminCP but when I try to run certain tasks like installing an addon the install starts and a few seconds later stops with this error:


You don't have permission to access this resource.

Sometimes, if make several attempts the install will go through.

I have checked all the chown and directory and file permissions via WHM SSH Terminal and all reports correct. This happens whether I upload the files manually via FTP or use the ACP install from archive option.

All the server settings meet the requirements:
  • Dedicated self-managed CENTOS 7.9 [server] v92.0.9
  • PHP v 7.4.14
  • MySQL is 10.3.27 (10.3.27-MariaDB)
  • Several other accounts on the server (approx 12-16), mostly WordPress sites, all working normally.
I have submitted a support ticket but I thought I see if there were any suggestions here while I'm waiting.

I have completed several other vB to XF imports on other servers and I've never seen this issue before.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I have already responded to the ticket related to this.

It's a server side issue.

It would help if you didn't simultaneously submit tickets and post in the forum - it just results in a duplication of effort.
Similar issue?


I don't use mod_security so that wasn't the problem but with the help of Hivelocity support we were able to find this:

i have seen similar issues when mod_evasive is enable in the server...i have disabled it now.
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