XF 1.5 Strange - All forums/sub-forums work except 1


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I am having a strange problem with 1 sub-forum, and i don't know where to start with trouble shooting

One of my forum section has 20 sub forums, i can easily enter all sub-forums normally except 1

when i try click on the 1 sub-forum, it takes forever to get into it, and most times it won't work, i get an error 502 bad gateway

All other forums/sub-forums work great, Everything works great everywhere media gallery, etc except that 1 sub-forum, there are no errors in the admin panel,

It's so strange, i don't know where to look for troubleshooting,

what can i do, help



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We could really only recommend disabling all add-ons and seeing if that resolves the problem.

I'm not sure if the forum in question is large, if so, setting a small value for "Thread List Date Limit" in the forum's options may help too.


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how stupid of me, i completely forgot about disabling all add-ons to test, before even writing this thread

i should of done that, i completely forget the first step

i have found the problem, the problem was an add-on, Likes Summary

thank you sir!!