New Node / Forum Type, which pulls posts from all sub-forums under it (willing to pay)

I posted this here, but would now actually like it and am willing to pay (PayPal). If someone is interested in developing this as an add-on, PM me with an offer or reply to this thread.

Here's my problem, I run a gaming forum which over the years has gotten busier. As forums get busier, posts get buried quickly - so we create sub-forums (we also wanted to avoid "mega-threads" where one single thread collects all discussion about a particular game and just becomes too unwieldy to follow). But then there's always the issue of people not wanting to make another click just to see one or two updated threads.

As an example:
Here's the Forum Index:

... and you can see our General RPG Discussion Forum:

... which already has 7 sub-forums. Here, we split them based on the game's developer - which in and of itself creates issues (people have to know who developed what game to know where to discuss it). But there's going to come a point where that's silly and we're just buried in sub-forums. And people now complain about having to hunt through forums for threads.

Now sub-forums are great, because they do let you drill down into a specific topic area (in our case, developer's of a specific game) but they're bad because they hide active threads behind additional clicks. In this case, to see what's updated in every sub-forum, you have to open 7 different sub-forums and you may only find 1 or 2 threads with new posts.

So here's what I'd like...

When you "create a new node" you have the option for:

Create Node
Node Type:What kind of node do you want to add?
  • Category
  • Forum
  • Link Forum
  • Page
  • Widget Page

I would like a new option, perhaps called something like "Index Forum". An Index Forum is just like a regular forum, in that you can create threads in it. However, viewing this forum would also pull out all threads in the sub-forums under it as well.

So rather than just a regular forum which only pulls out threads in itself, and then sorts by date / whatever; an "Index Forum" would pull out threads in itself and all sub-forums under it and sort them by date / whatever.

That way, people who want to find that one thread about that one game / or see updates about one game can go to the specific forum - but people who want to see what's new across everything can just visit the Index Forum. And threads with a specific place can be moved / created in their specific forum - but still be seen and accessed from both places.
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