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In this forum I follow many threads that I found interesting. Many suggestions and ideas from users in the community who have a lot of potential for XenForo. But it turns out that I wanted to find a list of the threads I follow to know how many, what they are, and that.

To my surprise there is no list of the threads I follow, the only way to know about them is to receive a new message and activate an alert for me. But I wanted to find a thread (suggestion) that I read yesterday, which I found interesting to restore with a message. To see what they think about the feature now and whether it will have light for XenForo 2.

But unfortunately there is NO list of threads I follow. Why not? Is something so elementary, for example, if I can see a list of users I follow, even know what they do. But there is no list of threads that I follow and thinking about it, the list of forums and / or sub-forums that I follow? neither.

And I got to find out even more, and I can "follow" videos and photos to receive alerts about them, when someone comments for example. But is not there a blessed list of videos or photos that I follow in the community?

My suggestion is in synthesis to have a list for threads, forums, sub-forums and / or gallery that I follow. Who agrees with me? Please give a "like" to know if they are in favor of it.

Greetings, Reinhard :D
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Threads that you follow are presumably Watched Threads? If so, you can see all of these from the Watched Threads link in the navigation bar. Similarly there's a Watched Forums link for the forums that you watch (follow).


The Media Gallery also has Watched Media, Albums and Categories.