Duplicate Expand Ignore to include threads, forums, and XFRM categories


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Xenforo should add the ability for users to ignore threads, forums, prefixes, and XFRM categories. When ignoring it should extend into all widgets, search, etc. The benefit to this is it allows users to better control what they see. In my experience certain running a big board, sometimes larger threads continue to be discussed (a good thing) but that thread may not be of interest to everyone. Users have to skip over these threads to see other threads that might pique their interest.

Another example is when searching XF for a resource I have to consistently click "Xenforo 2" and then "Search this category". If I were to ignore "Xenforo 1" then I could search from the main XFRM page.

The bottom line is users should have better control over what they see. Ignore users does a good job with this but often the ignore doesn't need to happen at the user level.
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