Different verbiage for "sub-forums"


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With XenForo's node system, not all nodes are forums. But nodes that have children nodes are referring to all node types as "sub-forums". An example of this is the XenForo development discussions forum here. There is a "sub-forum" that's not a forum at all (it's a page for documentation on the API). So if you have article nodes, page nodes, etc. they are just being called forums.

The only reason I noticed it was because I made a marketplace node that isn't anything like a forum as well as a "ticketing node" for support issues. And putting the ticketing node as a child of the marketplace node and now the ticket system is a "sub-forum". "Sub-node" would probably be the the right verbiage since that's technically what they are (a forum is always a node, but a node isn't always a forum)... however, sub-node is going to be confusing to end users.

I ended up calling mine "Subsections", but might make sense to think of something better since not all nodes are forums in XenForo even by default (I also took out the "sub-forum" title in the menu... because I know what it is, I clicked the link with that same label to get the menu... hah).

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The whole verbiage thing is screwed if you ask me. I consider the website with xenForo I’d installed to be a forum. Ie the whole shooting match. So why are the individual nodes also called forums?

So the forum is made up of forums which have sub forums. But really the (main) forum should be made up of sub forums which then in turn I suppose should be sub sub forums…

But the forum it seems is also called a board.
Just legacy/leftover stuff... at one point there weren't nodes, just forums. Now we have nodes, and at first all nodes were forums. But now that we are starting to get node types that aren't forums, it's starting to get a little weird with the leftover verbiage. Easy enough to change, but seems like it should be a stock change to me.
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