Lack of interest Sticky header should be sub menu items and visitor navigation

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With the current sticky header (XF2), you get primary navigation and visitor navigation.

When you scroll down through the content for the relevant primary navigation area (Forums, Resources, Media etc.) in the vast majority of cases your next site interaction is with the sub menu items for the content area you are currently in. For example, when engaging with Forums you'll primarily interact with the Forums content or the sub menu navigation. Resource and Media Gallery the same.

Thus, I strongly suggest that the sticky header should be the sub navigation menu items and the visitor navigation (but user avatar, inbox and alert icons only). A user will interact above the fold (or footer nav) when they're wanting to change to a different primary content area of the site, and thus the primary navigation will be available to them at that time. is a great example of where the sticky header navigation is not the primary navigation. It works very well. is another example of (it should remain constantly sticky though) where nav in the sticky header changes.

I also think Search should be within the sticky header, so that it's promoted and used/available more readily. Put it as a Magnify Glass icon last/right of the visitor nav (as mentioned above, only avatar/icons when within sticky header).
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