1. S

    XF 1.5 How to integrate XF in your current Codeigniter website

    Hello, I have a website in Codeigniter v3.0.0 and I want to integrate XF v1.5 in my CodeIgniter website. Things I want to do are 1. I want to use a single login and signup page for both my website and XF. 2. I want to use custom header and footer on XF pages. Is there a way so I can easily...
  2. CakeArmy_max

    Header Image doesn't load in chrome

    Hi, my website is https://californiadojrp.com/forums/index.php and I recently uploaded a background image for the header, and then my site logo ontop of it centered. For some reason however, the background image only loads when using edge, and not chrome. Theme: IPBee Screenshot...
  3. D

    XF 2.0 Setup header and logo

    I've been trying to change the header, but it does not do what i'd like. Question one: I've made a header 1400x200 pixels and i'd like to have that one on top of my page. How can i do this? Question 2: Do i have to make 3 headers? One for desktop, one for tablet and one for mobile? I see...
  4. CatsCraft

    Modified Header now page wont load

    Everything was working great and I just added forum groups. Then when I attempted to change the color of the header by clicking on the orange theme it got stuck. Now the forums take several minutes to load and when they do the CSS isn't loaded so the styling is completely gone. The website is...
  5. Ehren


    Dimension for xenforo 2 Dimension is a minimalistic theme for xenforo with a unique header effect. Once scrolled, the parallax header collapses into a fixed bar at the top of the page, while also blurring the background image, placing focus on your navigation links. The theme is packed with...
  6. XFA

    [XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2 Maintenance release

    Description This add-on lets you create an unlimited number of countdowns to be displayed either in your widgets, at the top of all pages in the header or on a dedicated page to your forum sidebar ! A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters and accessible based on usergroup...
  7. V

    XF 1.5 How to display a different logo on different tabs

    I'd like to display a different header logo when viewing the Resource Manager, also different logo when browsing Media Gallery, and Page Nodes. I appreciate any help :)
  8. C

    XF 1.5 Add a custom box to xenforo

    Hello all, I am using a pixelexit theme and wanted to know if there was a global way to add a boxes throughout the forum. Essentially, I would like to add a sidebox and a header box that is global throughout the forum for internal advertising. I have a couple of banners that I would like to use...
  9. Vastyles

    XF 1.5 Display page_x_of_y in header

    Is there a way to display the pagenav bits within the header template? So if there is a pagination it would display the page x of x? <xen:if is="{$pageTotal} > 1"> {xen:phrase page_x_of_y, 'current={$currentPage}', 'total={$pageTotal}'} <xen:else />...
  10. Mouth

    Lack of interest Sticky header should be sub menu items and visitor navigation

    With the current sticky header (XF2), you get primary navigation and visitor navigation. When you scroll down through the content for the relevant primary navigation area (Forums, Resources, Media etc.) in the vast majority of cases your next site interaction is with the sub menu items for the...
  11. T

    XF 1.5 How can i add my extra css in header.css template

    Hi, I want to add my extra css in these classes "#header .pageWidth .pageContent". I found it in header.css template but it is something like that {xen:helper clearfix, '#header .pageWidth .pageContent'} and on front-end its displaying how can i add my own custom css in the template which...
  12. P

    XF 1.5 Need help with Header/Banner Redirect Link

    I'm trying to optimize the header banner on our Forums so that when clicked it redirects to the Forum homepage but can't figure out how. Please help me. :D I have a problem with the Logo It's showing up as a CSS background image, but I don't know where the attributes for it are, therefore, I...
  13. Ivo Pereira

    Style [PAID] Custom Header for my Theme

    Hello, I need someone to import an existing header that I already have from an Wordpress portal, into XenForo. I just need the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff, and I could treat by myself the dynamic part. I have the knowledge to do all the rest, but I am afraid I don't have time for it. PM me...
  14. omds

    Duplicate Header Menu Management

    It should be a basic function to extend and (re-)order the header navigation.
  15. Torrey Leonard

    XF 1.4 Incorporate WordPress Header with XenForo

    Hey XenForo, For the past few days, I've been searching endlessly for a way to integrate my forum with WordPress. I've reached the conclusion that, well- it's difficult. At this point, I've extracted the contents of my header to raw HTML and CSS. However, placing the static HTML in my header is...
  16. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Google Custom Search in Header

    It took me a long time to get this how I wanted it, so I figured I'd post instructions here in case anyone was trying to do the same thing. What I wanted was a small Google Custom Search bar in my header that would fit there without displacing my logo on any common display type (phone, tablet...
  17. erich37

    XF 1.4 Header-Image different for each Forum-Node

    I would like to create a "Header-image" (photo) very similar as show here: Have You Seen ... ? | Express Plus Company But I would like to have a different image for each different "Forum Category" (a different photo for each Forum-Node). Does anyone know of how to do this ? Many thanks! :)
  18. GMF_01


    Game Makers Forums Home page- Sweet header =]
  19. BassMan

    QuickSearch in Header

    BassMan submitted a new resource: QuickSearch in Header - Move the QuickSearch to header Read more about this resource...
  20. BassMan

    QuickSearch in Header

    BassMan submitted a new resource: QuickSearch in Header - Move QuickSearch to header and style it Read more about this resource...