[XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2

[XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2 3.1.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
[XFA] Core 1.1.0+
Updates duration
Unlimited - No renewal fees !
This add-on lets you create an unlimited number of countdowns to be displayed either in your widgets, at the top of all pages in the header or on a dedicated page to your forum sidebar !

A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters and accessible based on usergroup permission.

  • Unlimited number of counters
  • Usergroup permission:
    • Manage countdown
    • View countdown page
  • Countdowns creation:
    • Title
    • Description (for display on dedicated page only) with WYSIWYG editor
    • Link
    • Starting date (optional), if not set counter start immediately
    • End date or Duration
    • Location: sidebar widget, header, dedicated page. Multiple locations possible [NEW 3.1.0]
  • [NEW 3.1.0]Recurring countdowns creation:
    • Title
    • Description (for display on dedicated page only) with WYSIWYG editor
    • Link
    • Duration
    • Start date
    • Time between occurrences
    • Location: sidebar widget, header, dedicated page. Multiple locations possible
  • Animated countdown elapsing
  • Dedicated page showing countdowns list with description, reachable through link optionally displayed in navigation tabs
  • Sidebar display configurability:
    • Limit number of countdowns displayed
    • Hide countdowns with date further than X hours in the future

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
Don't forget to install our Core add-on first, download it here.

Note to XF1 license owners
No discount is provided to XF1 version owners for this add-on. For more information on our XenForo 2 product policy, click HERE.
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I never rated this addon, shame on me. We wanted an addon that could handle multiple countdowns, and this was it. We've had it for years, back to XF1. Never had any issues, so I guess no reason to look or post anything. Works exactly as you want it to.
Thank you for your report !
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