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Steam Profile Image 1.1

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|Jordan| submitted a new resource:

Steam Profile Image (version 1.0) - Displays the extended image above signatures.

What does this do?
It displays the extended image above signatures. It even links the image to the users Steam Profile page!

Can i see a demo?
You can see one in action at my site over here (its located above the signature).

How do i install this?
Upload the attached image to your forum directory.

1) Admin Panel > Users > Custom User Fields > +Create New Field....
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|Jordan| updated Steam Profile Image with a new update entry:

Status Image Providor Changed has had a lot of problems the past few months where images return errors. I changed the add-on to use another status image provider. The template code has changed a bit. So you will need to redo your template changes:

In "message" template, find:
Replace with:
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