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Steam Profile Image 1.1

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|Jordan| submitted a new resource:

Steam Profile Image (version 1.0) - Displays the extended SteamProfile.com image above signatures.

What does this do?
It displays the extended SteamProfile.com image above signatures. It even links the image to the users Steam Profile page!

Can i see a demo?
You can see one in action at my site over here (its located above the signature).

How do i install this?
Upload the attached image to your forum directory.

1) Admin Panel > Users > Custom User Fields > +Create New Field....
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|Jordan| updated Steam Profile Image with a new update entry:

Status Image Providor Changed

SteamProfile.com has had a lot of problems the past few months where images return errors. I changed the add-on to use another status image provider. The template code has changed a bit. So you will need to redo your template changes:

In "message" template, find:
Replace with:
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