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On a separate note, I’m actually quite pleased with a tweak I made to the display today - I noticed that sometimes after a refresh it takes a second or two to load the showcase thumbnails, leaving an ugly hollow placeholder in the interim, so I put together some code that samples the image and then generates a series of gradients in CSS to represent the image before it loads - it’s almost a shame that the images have to load, because it’s really pretty!

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After seeing Kier's placeholder gradient implementation for the Customer Showcase (shown in quote above), could something like this enhance any parts of XF and/or official addons? :unsure:

One potential use case where a placeholder gradient/colour I think could work is XF2.2's profile banners. Currently there can be a momentary delay when first loading a profile banner and this briefly leaves the member tooltip looking like the first image below: 👇

xenforo-2-2-member-tooltip-for-a-few-seconds-before-profile-banner-loads.jpg xenforo-2-2-member-tooltip-photoshopped-with-gradient-background-placeholder.jpg

Or might this idea be too cumbersome for the (momentary) benefit? Maybe it's not just profile banners that could exhibit CSS gradients (e.g. see below quote), although that's beyond the scope of this suggestion. :D

This is really nice CSS in general. Maybe the XFMG could make use of it.
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