Not a bug Strange avatar image behavior, sudden break in forum display parameters.


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Affected version
XenForo 1.5.15
Greetings everyone,

A gaming forum I am an admin on suddenly started doing this today without anyone toying with the admin console or anything. Member avatars and spoilers in threads are not showing up correctly. mods also noticed the thread options are not loading correctly either.

Anyone else seeing similar behavior or know how to fix this? It seemingly started around 12:30 EST today.

Troubleshooting so far:
  • Tested on multiple site skins, same issue
  • Tested on IE, Chrome and various mobile browsers, same problem there.
  • Cleared cache and cookies, no change.
Seems we cannot post new threads either, there is no box to write the main body of a thread anymore (see below)

Here are some screenshots:

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This is highly unlikely to be a bug.

But either way we cannot provide support for anyone except the approved forum users for the license. Either they should contact us by posting in the correct forum or by submitting a support ticket. If they wish you to do this on their behalf they would need to add you as a forum user and then you can post in the troubleshooting forum.
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