Sphinx Search Engine

Hmmm the one Kier post made it sound like this was being brought into the core but guess that didn't happen.
Kier is testing/evaluating a different search system from Sphinx. From all accounts it looks very good.
Our big-board search solution lies elsewhere.

Any sneaky previews? My board is 1.2 million posts and was planning on using sphinx but if something better / offical is in the works, would gladly offer testing it up.
OK, here we go. 1st post has been updated. v0.0.2 works fine with XenForo v1.0.0 final/gold/stable.

See Quick Upgrade if you are already running v0.0.1.

A more detailed HowTo (for CentOS5) has been added as well. Hope this helps.
P.S. I don't think I can edit the thread title myself. Could someone either change it to v0.0.2 or just drop the version number? Thanks!
I have no need for this at present, but I still may install it and try it for awhile, just to familiarize myself with it, and get more experience with Sphinx. (It also will come in handy if someone has a question here...at least I could take a stab at answering.) I have a solid solution running for vB3 right now, and if anything, that may be a forum I'll upgrade to XF in the future if I'm still working with the forum owner at that point.
OK, went through the steps with BETA 2.0.1 and boy did it work!
search results are lightning fast and very nice!

Lets figure out how to add aspell to this "did you mean..."
Yeah, I guess 2.0.1-beta replaced 1.10-beta a few days ago. Seems to work fine indeed.

aspell is a nice idea too.
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