As designed Spam Cleaner doesn't clean Recent Activity


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I have just used the Spam Cleaner tool from a member's public profile:

And I noticed it does not clean up the Recent Activity, so any link posted in there will remain as is:
[username] set their home page.

Making the purpose of the Spam Cleaner a bit less useful in the sense that any link will remain somewhat "visible" to both visitors and search engines.

If this is not a bug, could you please mark it as a feature-request?

Thank you. (y)


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The links won't be visible to those that can't by pass user privacy.

As I say that, I just spam cleaned an account and it appears as if it is cleared now. I'll leave this for Kier/Mike to confirm or deny.


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Thanks for your reply Jeremy.

Which checkboxes did you check?


I'm not checking the last two, because it is not required. I'm using version 1.2.3.

I'm pretty new to XenForo permissions system and I guess I need to do a lot more tweaking beyond the standard permissions system, because Unregistered Users are able to see such links, so I guess search engines are doing that as well.

Either way, it would be nice if Spam Cleaner cleaned up such links too.

Thank you. (y)


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If you're not banning the user, then the profile is still visible, so those components will still be viewable anyway. It seems logical not to remove the recent activity entries explicitly then.

The general expectation is that a spammer will be banned; banned accounts won't show up on the recent activity list, their profiles won't be viewable, and (most significantly, in this case) the account won't be able to still be used. Without banning the spammer, there's nothing to prevent them from re-spamming.