XF 1.4 Spam Cleaner does not seem to work


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We are still working on a test installation of XF before our migration from vb. Unfortunately I forgot to enable a higher level of registration checking than the default and some spam bots have registered, posting tens of thousands of threads already in the last 10 days.

I have now set the reg so it has to be manually approved from now on (like our existing vb).

However all the spam is still on our test board. When I tried to use the spam cleaner on one of the threads, the Spam cleaner popup appeared and when I hit the "Clean Up" button, it seems to work for a while but then nothing happens. It stops, the popup stays there, and the spammers threads are not deleted.

Is there a way to fix this so it works, or is there a way I can manually delete all threads started after a certain date?

Thanks spam tool popup.JPG


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It doesn't redirect you to the forum list or the forum the spam was in after clicking Clean Up, but if you visit the forum list or forum the spam was in, it should be deleted.


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It isn't deleted. The threads are still there and the Member wasn't banned. I banned the member manually but the threads are still there. Is there another way to manually delete all content from specific members? I have 12 members (bots) that I have to deal with.


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I have found the way to manually batch delete, but I will leave one forum filled with spam to try the Spam Cleaner on again if anyone can help me figure out why it doesn't work...


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I solved the issue. Even though I was an Administrator, I had to manually go into my user profile and give myself permission to do everything. Once that was done, the spam cleaner worked.


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FWIW, the issue here is the amount of content -- I see a message count of over 8000. The spam cleaner tool isn't really designed to deal with that much, though it can if the server limits are set high enough (memory limits, execution time out, etc).