Spam cleaner and banning suggestions


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- "View Postings" under the names of other users who were using the same ip would be useful. In the video I noticed you had to click several times to find any messages/posts of the spammer before you were able to take action. Maybe even a direct "Spam" link there would be helpful too but may lead to quick rash decisions.
- When banning the spammer, being able to leave him/her/it a message would be useful (when he/she tries to access the forums again).
- An admin ban note that can only be seen by mods would be useful in some cases (ie for displaying evidence etc).


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+1 for the admin note / user note idea. It's great to note something there when you've sent out a PM or warned someone in a thread and need a simple place to keep the info.

Actually, to expand upon that idea, I'd like to see a feature where you can add the note while in the thread. Something on the profile pop up thing and you select "Mark (or Pin?) Profile with Post" and can optionally add text to it. Could have a small listing in the profile pop up thing that says how many pinned posts are on their wall. Great way to keep a note of suspicious posts, or great ones. A way to keep track of posts you've pinned somewhere in your UserCP would be nice as well. If you're about to pin a post to their profile and you see they've already had one, in the case of suspicious posts, you can click on it and see what was pinned. At that point it may require an infraction or something. Along these same lines, if another member has pinned the same post to their profile, you can add a comment to the pinned note.

Could even expand it to where other users can do it, so they can mark your profile with awesome posts you've made. That idea would probably fit better into an add on than anything else though.


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I would like to be able to leave a PC to the user if I clean up the spam (but not ban).

I would like an easier way to access their threads started/posts made.

I would like a generic ban message if they try to register, with a link to the contact page.

I would like an administrators/moderators note to leave in the logs!