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Sam F

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I haven't got much into Google Drive yet, but from what I've seen, I believe it is similar to the DropBox extension, in that you create an access token to an app/folder on your Google Drive account.

In theory, you'll be able to choose to "delete the local copy" of the backup file on your server (database, or code) and only keep it on Google Drive. You'll also be able to choose the number of copies to keep on the remote system. That's how the SFTP and DropBox extensions currently work.
I mean can I keep a backup on my server plus on Google Drive ?

also has anyone used it with Google Drive Yet?


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Yes, you will be able to keep copies on your server as well as on google drive. Nobody has used it with Google Drive because I haven't finished the extension for it yet.


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How long my site will be in maintenance mode? Will my site open again automatically after backup process?
Mine did not last night, but for the previous three runs it was just fine. I had turned email notifications ON and then last night I did not get an email notification for the database backup, but I did get one for the code backup. Strange I thought, so when I went to look at my board I noticed it was OFF.(i.e. Admin access only) So I manually turned it back ON, then noticed the last database backup created was only around 6MB instead of the normal 32MB…yet there was the code backup of almost 800MB sitting there just fine. The forumbackup.log file is empty, but there was a .ForumBackup_f963003.cnf file (of only 149bytes) the contents of which said it should be deleted.

My question is, what can cause this kind of behavior?(i.e. runs fine several times, then hiccups on the smaller database backup) Not throwing stones, just trying to educate myself what all I need to know about how this add-on works.

FWIW, my board with around 50,000 posts took 8 seconds for a database backup and 50 seconds for a code backup.


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Well, if the .cnf file still exists then the backup process isn't completing, which explains why you didn't get an email and why your board was still closed. The .cnf file is a temporary file that should be deleted when the backup is complete.

You might have an empty log file, but check to see if the debug option on the miscellaneous tab is checked. Make sure it is and run the backup task manually via the cron tasks page to have it spit out some debug info to that log file.

The most common problem I've seen is shared hosting providers killing tasks that take up to much CPU, or time out, but unless an error is thrown, it can be hard to diagnose.

Check to see if you have the addon's debug option enabled, and run your database backup again. Send me a PC here with the contents if you'd like.


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You are correct, in that I did not have the Debug Mode enabled. I have done so now and will leave it ON for awhile to watch the next few backups. I'll send you a PC with the resulting backup I just did, but from what I can tell all ran just fine.(i.e. I got two emails, one for database and one for code afterwards.)

THANXX for the suggestion and I'll report back further if it happens again.


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Just to report back to everyone, this backup add-on has run flawlessly the last few days. I have the Debug box checked for now, so I am generating a LOG file to keep an eye on things. ;) However, so far, so good. :whistle:

BTW, SneakyDave did mention to me that: "Regarding your debug file, if you see all "INFO" lines, and no "WARN" or "ERROR" lines, it usually means things worked."


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Not entirely sure what's going on, but this plugin has been going downhill on me. At first, I was experiencing troubles with the new feature added to automatically delete local files in Dropbox when using the Dropbox plugin with this plugin, and now after experiencing troubles with that.. I am now experiencing troubles with it backing up to the local storage (VPS) and not deleting the local files when it's supposed to be backing up to Dropbox. Essentially what's happening is my disk space was full overnight due to it backing up everything to the VPS instead of Dropbox, therefore I ended up upgrading the VPS to get more disk space.


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Download the zip file.
Uncompress the zip file.
Inside the contents is the zip file is an 'upload' directory. FTP that directory's contents to your XenForo root directory on your server.
Next, go to your XenFiro admin area and choose to 'Install' an add-on. It'll ask you for the installation file. Click the browse button to choose the .xml product file located just above the 'upload' directory of the zip file.
Click on the 'Install' button and wait for the magic.

After installation, visit the list of addons and find 'ForumBackup'. Click on it and set the options you'd like to have for it.

This is a high level of what's necessary. I'm traveling at the moment and don't have the exact steps in front of me.

If you have additional questions, send me a message here in the site.

Here is a more detailed explanation, start at step 2.

Floyd R Turbo

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Is there any way you could modify the addon such that it doesn't over-write the cron settings with every upgrade? I have to remember to change the time settings on both otherwise my cron runs at like 6pm instead of 4am

Floyd R Turbo

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yes, so it it's set to midnight on the cron, it actually runs at 6pm for my server which is US Central time. On the Cron ACP page the time shows when it will actually run, but this does not synch with the time that you set when editing the cron job - that's where the disconnect is. So I have to set the cron to run at 10am which then causes it to actually run at 4am my time.

The issue is every time I upgrade, it resets to midnight. So if I don't remember to change it back when I do a batch update of addons, at 6pm I get an email saying the backup was complete and then I facepalm.


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SneakyDave updated [SolidMean] ForumBackup with a new update entry:

Small Cron Entry Change

02/19.2916: Version 1.2.01 (cron task change)
- Fixed issue of cron tasks being rewritten when addon is updated.
This fix includes removing the addons original cron tasks, and replacing them with cron tasks assigned to an unassigned addon. This way,
the cron tasks won't be removed and recreated when the addon is updated. The new cron tasks are removed when the addon is uninstalled.

NOTE: After installation, PLEASE verify that your cron tasks named "ForumBackup / Database" and...
Read the rest of this update entry...