[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser

[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser 1.2.7

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Sounds like a great addon! You should release it here
Would be nice so it can help other members. However, if it works great for me and maybe does not work great for others, that's why I never released it to share. If it starts giving others any issue, I don't have time to help people really. Mine does not have anything for Amazon, it's strictly eBay but it works on signatures, messages, PMs, and on any other downloaded addon like articles, chat room from Siropu etc etc..... It's really a good one. And it also does not use the database and changes all ebay urls to affiliate ones but time...., it's always against me.


I meant for version 1.x indeed ;) but if you don't maintain it anymore no problem. I saw that I can achieve the same result using your Comprehensive URL Parser, correct?


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Possibly. I'm not familiar with the ebay.it affiliate. Send me a conversation with some example links and I'll see if it works.