[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser

[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser 1.2.7

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Will this add-on affiliate links to all pages on Amazon and eBay including non-product/auction pages like searches, seller lists, home pages, completed auctions etc.? If this doesn't work currently it would be a great addition to this add-on. ;)

Like many here, we used the URL Rewriter for Amazon and eBay and then recently have moved to Andy's Amazon and eBay add-ons, but they only affiliate on specific product and current auction pages. A more comprehensive add-on that affiliates all Amazon/eBay links would be much appreciated.


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If you give me some examples of the pages you are talking about, I will check.

The 'tag' affiliate id will be added to any amazon URL, although I don't know if that affiliate id is actually tracked on auctions or non-product pages.


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Looking to see if anybody has used this on a site with imported URL's from vBulletin.

I did some testing with a local vBulletin import of data, and the add-on works as it should for me, but another user is having problems with the paid add-on, and I'm trying to track down what the issue is.

Thanks in advance if anybody can provide some assistance.


mmmh, I installed this addon because it is said to work with amzn.to links, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
When I post a amzon.to-Link which resolves to a link that already has an affil-tag, it stays that way.
Anything I missed?


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Yeah, it's really impossible to rewrite those URL's without trying to fetch the URL it resolves to, and using that, but that is a lot of extra processing.