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Snog submitted a new resource:

Amazon/eBay Parser - Adds an Amazon Affiliate ID or eBay Campaign ID to messages and signatures with no database changes

This is a direct conversion of the [SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser by @SneakyDave done with his permission. It uses 99% of his code.

I was not going to include the eBay parser in the beginning, but decided to include it for those that use that portion of the XF1 add-on.

If you are upgrading to XF2 and have the [SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser installed, leave it installed. This add-on will convert your settings to the XF2 version and retain them.


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Hiya Snog,

Nice Add-on. Is there any way that this could be used for Viglink affiliates? I only ask because it seems Viglink doesnt currently work on XF2... and if the Viglink code is added to the Body of the Page_container then it breaks Url posting...

Sorry, that would be out of the scope of this add-on. This add-on is not for random advertisers such as those Viglink provides.
Any chance we can add as an option, or do we simply use (Canada) details into the (US) field?
Any chance we can add as an option, or do we simply use (Canada) details into the (US) field?
EDIT: It appears that I unintentionally left it out of the XF2 version. I'll add it back in when I get the chance.
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All 7 of us Canadians will be happy to host you for poutine and maple syrup, eh?

(haha, Appreciate that, thanks again.)
This still needs an update for 2.1....I posted an Amazon product link that "unfurled" and the Amazon code did not get picked up.

Glad to see someone ported this over to 2.x, thanks!
This still needs an update for 2.1

2.1 hasn't been released yet. It's still in Beta stage.

In any case, the amazon link I tried in 2.1 did not unfurl and still had the campaign ID appened to it, so could you supply the link you used so I can test that?

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It's a dev site hosted on my server, still in beta testing.

WAIT....may have found the issue....I also have installed, this wrapped the Amazon link with their Media code. Once I disabled S9E Media, the Amazon code was correctly added to the link.

hmmm...would be REALLY nice to have that nice unfurled Amazon image with S9E AND have the code added - bet the same incompatibility exists with EBay.
I didn't think Amazon links were going to work with unfurling after this conversation I had with @Chris D... 🤔

I think the only problem with that version is that the resulting embeds often get blocked by ad blockers, at least I think it did the last time I checked. Which makes the post look weird leaving nothing clickable as the block is completely missing, and can therefore be confusing. Might want to test it with a few popular adblockers installed.
the S9E plugin does provide the Amazon rewrite option, no need to duplicate effort.
FYI... from what I can tell, the add-on works with eBay unfurled URLs in the stock XF 2.1 system.

If someone that has "real" eBay information plugged into the add-on options could confirm that, I'd appreciate it.
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