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Amazon parser - Adds Amazon affiliate ID to links in messages.

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Adds Amazon affiliate ID to links in messages.

The Amazon parser add-on is used to convert Amazon links immediately after a message is saved. The converted links will include your Amazon affiliate ID.

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Looks like this is only looking for "&tag={id}" and ignores "?tag={id}" (meaning that it assumes that {id} will always be one of several URL params instead of possibly being the only param).

The end result is that "" got turned into "" which is actually an invalid URL and results in a 404 error when Amazon tries to redirect the URL. Entering the URL as "" in the post results in the URL being saved as "".

Ideally "?tag={id}" checked if present so that "&tag={id}" doesn't get appended and if there are no parameters at all in the URL then "?tag={id}" should be added instead of "&tag={id}".
Hi Andy, could you please add .nl in the parser? We have Amazon in the Netherlands now :)
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