So... I'm alive. Yay?


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I had just gone to bed a couple of hours ago when I was woken up by a friend calling me several times. All my friends know I'm not awake before 12PM or so every day, so this was unusual.

Evidently, they heard on the news a plane crashed into a house near the airport I live next to, and since the location was unknown for sure at the time they didn't know if it was mine. You can imagine my slight confusion. Luckily, it wasn't my house, but it also wasn't that far either (only a block or two away).

You can read the article here:

It literally just happened about an hour ago; the cops were just getting there when I woke up. Crazy stuff. :confused: Thankfully it seems it didn't hit the house (missed by ten feet).

So how is your morning? :cautious:


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you slept through that?
You'd be surprised. I even slept through my first earthquake when I stayed in California a few years ago. :p
Pheeeeeeeeeew! Glad to hear you are OK.

Very sad for the family of the pilot and anyone else who might have been on board.
Seems the only person killed in this was the pilot. There was people in the house when it happened, but they got out of the house.


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Glad you are OK onimua. Another reminder that death is not so far away from us after all!
(yes I'm in a dark mood at the moment)


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Got to hate mornings like that :S
I'm glad they're not common. :p

Good news is that it sounds like the pilot made a last ditch effort to try and avoid any other casualties besides his own by maneuvering his plane and aiming for the largest yard he could find. Hitting some trees, a fence, and a couple of cars also seemed to have helped, and thankfully it worked, even near a busy intersection as the one he crashed next to.


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Wow. What a way to wake up. Glad to hear nobody else got hurt, and good job to the pilot for being able to avoid more casualties.