Lack of interest [Suggestion] Sort Order Like no Other lets call it (adforo) YAY!


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I was watching the video;

I thought for a moment that the admin and moderators could boost that post up to the top of the forum with one swoop by using those little arrows. Alas, I found that the arrows were only to check down boxes from long posts.

I wondered if I order sort from (Last Post) -> (Des)
If a moderator could boost a thread to the top when the thread has been paid for or the thread writer has made some really awesome trophies that need to get the boost....

This is pretty much all I need in a forum to start my forum. I have looked and found nothing similar. I have read the forum over trying to find out more information. I've searched "sort order" found out that there wasn't even an option for this, unless I read wrong.

Please this is all I need right now to start my forum so when people start advertising in a forum that when they reach page 2 or 3 and pay a small fee I can boost them back to the top without running in circles.They get to keep the new position without starting a new thread and they end up at the top because I was easily able to boost them. They get to keep all answers to their questions without having to start a new thread.

I would love this and buy you're software on the first day out if someone could please help me get this completed.

I would love it if you called it Adforo wouldn't that be the best name ever!!

Mind you I have never run a forum as of yet. I was going to use vb or just smf, someone said they would make this software for me because they wanted the same thing on smf. But I am a bit leary and I love what you're doing here, this is the best I have seen thus far.

I have smf started but I don't want to stay with it. I have been on forums for years and want to run the best of the best and I think this is the way to go for my new forum.
Thanks guys!!!


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Why not just request an option to be able to manually order stickied threads then sticky the threads? :)


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I've actually looked into sticky threads, and unforunately they don't work well...
I think someone will understand what I'm after, it's exactly like the warrior
forum in the WSO section and in the advertisement area... They pay a fee of $20
to boost it to the top.
It is something I need very much to start the forum my forum on the right foot.