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Yay! The RM will be available March 26th. I'm so excited!


Well-known member
who is buying the resource manager the day it comes out?:p

And what will you use it for?

personally i'm adapting it for my writing site, so writers can post up their ebooks they write


Well-known member
Not sure yet. However I wonder if it would make a good article system where I could make a database of politicians and then allow users to download fact sheets on them.


Well-known member
I'll buy it. .just because I can. I have no real need of it at the moment, but I will buy it anyway and probably mess with styling it :)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I'm going to pick up a personal copy for development and testing purposes.

I am also working on a concept in the back of my mind for www.ValveTime.net so that will be a second copy.

And of course you can probably guess of one other site that might buy a copy... :whistle: