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Simplify the discussion list


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ge66 submitted a new resource:

Simplify the discussion list - Removes some of the table cells from discussionList

This changes the look of the discussion list by putting some css in EXTRA.css

I am no css expert and this could probably be optimized, but i seemes to work fine in my style and the default style.

A thank you to the developers of xf that did most of this work at the end of

Open EXTRA.css and insert the following:
/* ge66 simplify the discussionList */

    .discussionListItem .listBlock.main,
    .discussionListItem .listBlock.stats,

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Thanks ge66. I'll use this CSS lines instead + some customizations here and there in my own style. Exactly the same result without 1 addon. well done (y)
After using this on my forum for a while I have now made some small changes to the resource.
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