How to add/remove a predetermined discussion prefix right from the discussion list

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I'd like to add a button/image on the discussion list so that users with permission will be able to click on it and in doing so assign a prefix to a discussion.
I'm thinking that I need a new plugin that pre-requisites the PrefixDiscussion plugin. I looked at the PrefixDiscussion plugin and I can see that a new column (d.Prefix) holds the prefix value. Assuming that there is a way to set the value from the discussion list I think I will need to find a way to pick the correct discussion id from the clicked button, set a value, and save.
Would appreciate some help/advice on how to do it.
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If you require support, please post in the appropriate forum. To do so you must be licensed. You can add your forum username to the "Forum users" page of the Customer area.
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