XF 1.4 Styling the Discussion Preview & Mentions Pop-ups


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i've created a new style/theme and i've successfully managed to edit all css/styling to my liking, with the exception of these 2 pieces:


^this is the Discussion Preview. I'd like to know how to alter the arrow/background-color/text-colors for this...can't seem to locate it in the properties anywhere and unfortunately i'm unable to inspect this element via Chrome...apparently i changed the arrowtip to grey at some point, but that may have been incidental.

^same goes for Mentions. can't use Inspect Element to gather the information...as you can see, the background is transparent which looks kinda funny in this case.



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Style Properties > Overlays and Tooltips > Preview Tooltip

ul.autoCompleteList li.selected
thanks maru. am i missing where the background color is identified here? i would think that the green color chosen would do that:
but it's returning this:

('background-color' css also doesn't appear to work here either.)

...the mentions piece works great.


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ah, i finally figured it out -- the preview pane is:
.xenPreviewTooltip .previewContent

the text within that pane is:
.xenPreviewTooltip .previewText

and the arrow:
..i'm still not sure?? ".xenPreviewTooltip .arrow" and ".xenPreviewTooltip .arrow span" don't seem to want to work.