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This is more of a suggestion for the next installment of XenForo as it just wouldn't make sense to do it now but figured I'd throw it out there anyways.

Now obviously we know nothing about 2.0 but assuming they continue the color palette I'd love to see it simplified. Currently we have 8 total primary colors with 6 secondary colors. 2-3 of these are called maybe 2-3 times(ditch those) and more if possible.

It'd be so much easier for users/ style makers / add-on developers if they had something more unified:

HTML Background

textCtrlBackground / textCtrlText (the second you turn this dark it looks awful because the default has hard coded borders so you have to go into the property anyways)

dimmedTextColor / mutedTextColor I think we could do with just a single fainttextcolor

Currently I think primaryLighterStill is used for a lot of borders across the style, but used for other things as well which can cause issues if you change it. Be easiest if it was actually labelled like xfBorder1/2. Also would make it more universal for add-on developers too, I often see to many times add-on developers choosing a random color which might look good for there style but ends up causing a ton of manual fixes(this is no ones fault since there isn't a more defined labeling system on the color palette).

I think burning board has a system like this in place which I don't have access to at the moment, only tried out a beta version before but it seemed nice.

We also did a setup like this on our framework and it's made it so.... much easier to work with.

Last thing this is just more a general concept of my suggestion, not the exact setup I'd necessarily want. I'd leave that up to the XF Team :)
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All the suggestions do get read. Any "lack of interest" tagging is really just a semi-automated process based on the number of likes.

It's worth pointing out that this thread is way above the threshold where "lack of interest" is triggered.


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Kier observed this thread of numerous time and relatively for a long time, can being it is necessary to see a particular attention for the version 2.0 of XenForo ^^


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Don't read too much into the fact that this thread has been sitting in one of hundreds of open tabs on my computer for several weeks.

You own a pretty powerful mac! My Macbook is almost unusable if there are more than 50 tabs open for more than 1 week. :D

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I suspect that this is implemented as far as it will be now for XF 2.0. Simplifying the colour palette was definitely a priority while the style properties were being implemented. As well as reducing the number of "main" palette colours, other properties are derived from the main colours and make use of mixes, darkening and lightening of the existing colours.

@Russ, if you feel that some pieces still need attention, please create a new suggestion thread detailing those.