RM 1.2 Showing all categories hierarchy (including all sub-categories) in sidebar on main XFRM page


Formerly MsJacquiiC


Formerly MsJacquiiC
There's no option for this. Doing it would require an add-on I believe.
Do you know if there's an add-on that's shared here at XF.com that has such an option? I've searched and unfortunately couldn't find any. Perhaps I missed something and you can suggest the appropriate add-on?

Thanks Mike.



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I'm not aware of one (though I don't generally know the functionality of add-ons in detail).
Re: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/show-all-subcategories-in-resource-manager-list.92914/

Is there a way to show all sub-categories (child, grand-child, etc...) in the main XFRM page sidebar?
Perhaps there's an option that I've missed? Maybe there is template code to edit and/or an XF add-on to accomplish such functionality? IDK
But I'd sure appreciate someone point me in the right direction. Thanks for all assistance!

Did you ever find a way to do that?