Show resources in a main category without sub-categories resources


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I was waiting for RM2 alpha to suggest this, as we need it and we paid for a developer to implement for us in RM1 but it will be great if we have it as builtin feature in RM2

We have more than 7000 files in our resources manager
Assume that we have a (main category) and inside there is 3 (sub-categories)

-- Main category (800 files without sub categories files )
---- Sub category I (200 files)
---- Sub category II (100 files)
---- Sub category III (50 files)

If I enter the (Main category) then I will see all the 1150 files, it is not possible to explore only the 800 files inside the main category without the child categories files.
I suggest to add an option in RM2 to exclude sub categories resources from the main category.