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Hello there!

First off I want to say that Xenforo is far by the best which brings me to the point of questioning why purchasing an extra license is necessary just to ask something on the forums, good-bye $175 since my friend was the person purchasing the license and not me, for obvious reasons I do not have access to his forum account. But okay, done is done and now I've wasted a few bucks on what I hope is worth it and I hope to at least receive the help I am looking for.

I am a developer so in case anyone would like to mention "extraordinary" terms while answering this question, it is very much fine. So I have stumbled upon a minor design flaw that I wanted to fix, I tried to search around for answers but the furthest I got was that I had to change specific templates which in the end did not work.

The problem is that I want to display categories, just the way they are displayed on the root forum section (main one). Let me show by pictures and hopefully it will make more sense!

This is the root forum (main):

As you can see it's very neat and I love the design very much. The problem begins when I have nodes stated like this:
root node
- category (1)
-- forum (2)
-- forum (3)
- category (4)
-- forum (5)
--- category (6)
---- forum (7)
--- category (8)
---- forum (9)

The numbers are there just for explaining the problem a bit simpler. So category 1 and 4 are good but as soon as I have a category inside a forum that isn't the root node, the displaying of those categories are no longer as neat as the ones directly under the root one. With that being said, category 6 and 8 won't have that categoryStrip (css attribute) as the main ones have. Basically this is how a categories are displayed:
All those as can be displayed on the picture are categories: Information, Factions, Other and Staff, and they all have sub-forums under them.

Okay so what do I want exactly? I want the categories to be neatly displayed just as under the root node (I am repeating myself constantly in this thread because I have seen that other "support requests" regarding the same issue did not receive the best response but rather moderators going "what is it that you want exactly?").

What have I tried to do so far? I have tried to modify 'node_category_level_2' template because that is the one generating the any categories displayed anywhere else besides the root one (on second level which is the case here). I also found out that while 'node_category_level_1' template is "producing" the categories in the root forum, it is also 'node_forum_level_1' template that is generating the 'node_category_level_1', from my understanding.

So to hasten the post up a bit, I played around with the code and I got the categoryStrip (css name) to display the categories but I found out that the problem is the foreach loop that produces the sub-forums underneath the category:
       <xen:foreach loop="$renderedChildren" value="$child">
                {xen:raw $child}
This one is exactly the same as in any other 'node_{nodename}_level_{level}' template and it makes no freaking sense (to me) how '$child' is so different depending on which template it's being called on. I tried to find where this "renderedChildren" is declared in the files but all I got was a comment saying what it did (found it in the NodeHandler folder). With that being said, I want to sum up what it is that I want and I hope people will understand what I mean. I couldn't solve the problem because '$child' is generating the "wrong" HTML code for me. Is there any possible way to change this somehow?

Did this make you understand my problem? If not let me help you to help me because I would like to have this for my forum since I am using a lot of categories on higher level nodes than just under root. Thanks in advance and have a good weekend!


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If you are the owner of the license, you should have the customer details, once logged in you can add your forum name to the list.

If you are not the owner, someone else is. You can still post on the forums. They can acknowledge you are part owner or their tech, by going to the customer area, go to the forum support part (like in my first sentence), and add your forum name.

If you bought a license second hand from someone, they have to transfer the customer area to you. A license has to be eligible for a transfer first though, before xenforo can put it to your name, email, and give you the new customer details.


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Alright noticed afterwards that you can add multiple forum accounts to one single license, anyhow done is done and I'll just have an extra license whenever there will be a rainy day in my life.


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Friendly one week bump. If anything is unclear please feel free to notify me as I will try to explain it a bit better then.