XF 1.0 Should I wait for 1.2 before upgrading?


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I have a forum I haven't touched much and is still running 1.0.4.

Right now I have some spare time and thinking about redesign the whole site. I'm wondering if I should wait for 1.2? I don't want to re-do the template work if 1.2 happen to arrive :O

Mike Edge

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I think it will be a while before we see 1.2. Mike has talked about some changes for 1.1.5 for several weeks now, but still not released (more waiting required). So I would suspect 1.1.x wouldn't be continuing updates if 1.2 was right around the bend.


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I dont like the bulletins about changes coming in 1.2 if it isn't coming in a month or so.
It places a blight on our development of our sites. There's a lot I want to do but what is the point if within the year I'll just have to redo it all?

This kind of uncertainty is so destructive. It far outweighs the pleasant little bits of news put out about 1.2
I remember this exact uncertainty causing a LOT of trouble way back on VB3.6. I understand it's difficult for developers to provide precise schedules. But surely some approximate timing should be possible?
1.2 has been put in front of us as in development with x, y and z features. So it should be possible to say in 3 months/ 6 months/ 9 months/ a year.
I'm not saying we have a right to know. We have no rights except to functional software on the licence level we bought.
But XF does also attempt to be friendly, more transparent and considerate of its admins than others. We have also many of us been loyal. So I think there is a bit more here than the basic commercial transaction. Still not as much as acquiring rights, but I think there is a mutual consideration that now needs attention.

So on that basis it would be appropriate to give us some outline idea on the 1.2 arrival.
If it;s a good while ahead we can all get on with things now.
If it's fairly close then being on hold is not so bad.
But being in uncertainty and anxiety is not good for our projects.