Service needed: Moving to a new server and upgrading at the same time


Hi all,

I am running Xenforo 1.5 on a server which will be closed down at the end of the week. I have set up the domain on a new (shared) server, where I would like to move the forum to. But there are a few things that make it tricky:
1. Old server is running Xenforo 1.5, on new server I want to run the new version (I have the licence)
2. Old server is running PHP 5.6, on new server I am running PHP 7.4
3. I also have the MediaGallery active
4. I am using a (bought) designed style, following the style of my website (already have the new version available as well)

So my question: is there any service provider who could do this for me and what would be the costs and timeline? Since the current server will be shut down in 5 days, there is kind of a hurry :)

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to do this in two steps? This seems to be the safest path?? First migrate to the new server (most can do this with their eyes closed) and THEN update the software. This will give you some time when update if to make any improvements to the site plus do a test or two before going live.
Thank you all for the fast replies and suggestions.

I have somebody working on this right now (first the move, then the upgrade) and having my fingers crossed it will be done in time.

Thanks for the recommendations folks.

Raymond, I'm glad you found someone and I hope it works out well. I wouldn't have been able to take it on with such short notice, anyway. I schedule work in advance since I tend to be booked with migrations and server admin work.
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