XF 2.2 After moving to a new server email notifications not being sent


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My web host moved me to a new dedicated server and it appears email notifications from XF are no longer being sent.

ACP > Tools > Test outbound email fails with the following error:
Errors were encountered while trying to send the email.

But there's no further explanation of what that error is.

I'm using the PHP built-in mail system, which was working fine until the move to the new server.

I have a ticket in with my web host also, but am checking here as well.

Thanks! I was able to get the SMTP settings to work instead of using the built-in PHP option.

However, now the emails my forum sends out are marked by Gmail as "be careful with this message" so now I have to figure out how to fix that.
You need to set up spa, DKIM and dmarc for the domain for google I would think.

I dont use google - like I dont use Microsoft 🤣

However a quick search shows this for google

Have a read and a "google" as it may or may not help as I dont know google and gmail etc
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