XF 1.5 Moving XF Ver 1.5.24 to a new server


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I have exported the forums SQL database to my desktop.
That was running on MySql 5.1.65

Tried importing to the new server using PhpMyAdmin which is running on 10.3.22 MariaDB-cll-lve

I'm getting an access denied message. I've copied the error message in the attached file.

How can I enter the proper username and password in PhpMyAdmin or is there another way to import the file without using PypMyAdmin?


SQL Error Message.webp
The mysql database credentials in the config file are incorrect, or the user does not have access to the database.
I understand that.
I do have access to the database credentials on the original server and also have access to the database on the original server.
When I did the export from the original server, it did not ask for credentials.
How can the mysql database credentials be entered in on the new server?
You will need to create a user on the new server and assign all privileges to the database.

If you don't know how to do that, your host will be able to assist.
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