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SEO friendly uls not working??


Well-known member

had to re-compile apache/php yesterday because of the recent found vulnerability. However something strange seems to have happened....

nothing changed on my XF at all - with regards to anything. All the same. not touched :)

but SEO friendly urls dont seem to be working. for example (using Jaxel's portal...)

forumurl.com/forums/portal doesnt work
forumurl.com/forums/index.php?portal works fine

Is there anything that i could have done whilst recompiling that may have stopped this working?

Many thanks - this is driving me up the wall!!



Well-known member
ahha! you got it :)

whilst updating and trying to fault find i removed the .htaccess file, causing this problem!! oops! .htaccess back and all now working fine!


Thx for the prompt dieketzer :)