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XF 1.2 Selecting Tabs for CSS in Responsive mode

Specific classes link forums, members and others are removed during responsive mode and only class available is navlinks so what is the solution designers are using?
Normal members tab
<li class="navTab members Popup PopupControl PopupClosed PopupContainerControl">
                <a class="navLink" href="http://localhost/Xenforo/members/">Members</a>
                <a rel="Menu" class="SplitCtrl" href="http://localhost/Xenforo/members/"></a>
Responsive mode
<li><a class="navLink" href="http://localhost/Xenforo/members/">Members</a></li>
Anyway I decided to nth child property in CSS to target it but that will be an issue if I add tabs later on.


Well-known member
Are you using the default style? I'm looking at the HTML for this page (in narrow responsive with) and I'm seeing this for the resources tab:

<li class="navTab members Popup PopupControl PopupClosed PopupContainerControl" style="display: none;">
                <a href="http://xenforo.com/community/members/" class="navLink">Members</a>
                <a href="http://xenforo.com/community/members/" class="SplitCtrl" rel="Menu"></a>
So .navTab.members still exists in responsive for me.


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You'll need to modify templates, but I'm not sure if that specific portion of the template is built in templates or JS.


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If you modify the navigation template, and find all instances of...
And add in the necessary extra classes it will (or should if I read the JavaScript correctly) carry over to the responsive menu like you were expecting.