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Fixed Select for moderation

Affected version
2.0.0 Beta 6


Well-known member
I might be understanding the functionality wrong, but it looks to me this is not working as it should:

When you open up a resource item as a moderator and go to the "More options" menu, at the bottom of the drop down the checkbox with "select for moderation" will show up. I can't quite figure out what it is good for, as it currently seems to do nothing at all. The template lets me assume that it is a checkbox for the inline moderation, but it seems to not be saved, nor synced with what is already selected. So when I select resource items in the resource list for inline moderation, this selection is not carried over to that drop down select box (although it is saved for the list), and the selection in the drop down isn't saved at all, effectively vanishing when reloading the page or switching to the resource list.

As said: I might be wrong in terms of not understanding what it's actually there for, but I haven't been able to figure out any difference that appears when you check it.