Use textarea for moderation reasons


The moderators on a forum I manage often like to use relatively long reasons when informing a user of a moderation action. Being that the current "reason" fields are text inputs rather than textareas, this can get a bit cumbersome. Perhaps there could be a setting in the admin where it could be changed between a regular text input and a textarea? This could apply to all "reason" fields such as:
"Notify thread starter of this action. Reason:"
"Notify author of this action. Reason:"
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We usually use a conversation rather than the reason field for detailed discussion and maybe just say "see conversation of xx/xx/xx for details". Opens the door to dialogue, too, if such is needed, but you can always lock the convo if you don't want to dialogue about it. So I don't see an issue with the idea, just don't see a real need for it either.