XF 1.3 Admin view content for moderation


I have been wondering for some time now why it is you absolutely have to be a moderator to view content that is awaiting moderation rather than be an administrator and be able to see the same?

I have a fair amount of both admins & mods but have to add the admins into the moderators usergroup for them to help out, and that just seems a little odd to me. It looks a little rubbish on the view staff screen to have them all doubled up as well

Sure there is a perfectly good reason why
Yes they are, but surely they should be able to do the same thing as a moderator?

If there isn't one available at that point in time, it would make sense for an admin to see content awaiting moderation quickly and easily?


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Yes they are, but surely they should be able to do the same thing as a moderator?
So you accept they perform different functions yet at the same time expect them to have the same permissions?

That doesn't make sense.

If you want an administrator to moderate, make them a moderator.


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In XenForo, an administrator's function is to do administrative tasks: manage accounts, nodes, add-ons, styles, options, etc.

In XenForo, a moderator's function is to do moderation tasks: edit posts, delete posts, approve posts, move posts, warning, etc.

An administrator and a moderator perform two entirely separate functions, and are distinguished within XenForo. Can you accomplish having an administrator get all the permissions of a moderator? Yes, is it recommended? No. I know on my site I have administrators that have access to nothing but managing users since they need to add them to appropriate user groups. They are not intended to moderate my forums, they are not moderators.
Having them in a moderation group isnt a problem, I have a few of mine like so and it just doubles them up in the staff listing which makes it look untidy. Its more cosmetic than anything

I see your points, and they do make logical sense


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You will need to contact the developer of the add-on for support with that.

Even so, it is still accurate.
Each of those functions is different.