Add-on Seeking Sponsor Banner & Category Image Add-on

I have attached two pictures below to help give a better idea of what I am looking for.

1. Sponsor Banner - I need an add-on that will allow me to place a banner image within the forum section where a client will have their own area (forum). I should have a few different image size options along with allowing clickable images with URL's.

2. Category Image - On the inside of a category forum, I would prefer to put a custom image in place of text to give it a bit more pop to each category area.

Sponsor Banner.png Category Header Image.png
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know the forum sponsorship one has been done, just not sure where to find it. This xenforo forum uses it:

As for the other one, someone should be able to help me out whether it be changing some code and directing image to the area or simply just a add-on I can't find.
I am going to be handling 50+ images at some point down the road, rather not have custom html for all. I need something more realistc where I can upload a banner on the fly.

Also no one has a solution for replacing the category title with a logo?

Jake B.

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I think our Node Sponsor Add-on does exactly what you're asking for point #1. It does only allow a single image per node though, not sure if you were wanting more than one on each forum and it does not do anything with categories