Seeking Custom Add-on Developers - Mid-To-Long-Term Projects


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We have been running a small, but successful community using Xenforo for the last 9 years. So much so that we have completely scrapped the idea of creating and migrating to a custom NodeJS script. With the upgrade from Xenforo 1 to Xenforo 2, the possibilities of developing newer, more relevant features for our community is on the forefront of our priorities.

As such, we are constantly on the look-out for Xenforo developers who are interested in mid-to-long-term custom add-on work.
We are keen to work with Xenforo developers who:
  • are familiar with the framework,
  • work closely within Xenforo default handlers,
  • plan with foresight for their products to scale along with our community.

For some of our projects, additional jQuery and API integration knowledge will be required. Most projects require basic competency in Xenforo's front-end template systems.

We understand that many developers here on Xenforo are solo developers, so we will provide help with testing. You will receive test reports from us, with steps on how to replicate bugs that are found, and feedback on features that require tweaking for better User Experiences. When encountering problems, we will be there to brainstorm and look for solutions together with you. We will work together as a team.

Since we've upgraded to Xenforo 2, we have completed several projects.
Some of the developers we have exceptional working experience with are:

For all projects, the AGILE methodology will be implemented. Sprints, and individual milestones will be set to facilitate deliverability and efficiency. We understand that multiple iterations are required to build a product both parties can be proud of.
Therefore, we will prioritize developers who are:
  • highly communicative and responsive,
  • proactive,
  • and responsible.

As of writing this post, we have more than 10 projects on hand. If you are keen to embark on a project with us, please send a message.


I worked for MacSeahs community last week and can exceptionally recommend it.
He is very friendly, responsive and trustworthy.
I am looking forward to working with him again, it was a pleasure!


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We are grateful to connect to two developers who will be helping us to refactor an old and buggy add-ons.

We have a few other small to mid add-ons on hand and we will be keen to work with a few more developers.

Do drop me a PM if you are keen.