Add-on Seeking custom Stylised Spoiler BB code Add-on.

Hi there,

I am seeking an add-on to implement custom bbcoded spoiler and line break designs. I have attached some images of what we would like below.

Xenforo 2.

Open to Quotes.

This should be a fairly simple job. We just want it to match our existing website theme (decus).

Example Spoiler:
Capture 2.PNG

Example Line Break:

These would fit across threads, replacing the spoilers below.

Capture 1.PNG


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You can get the spoiler button to be full width of the post by adding this to the extra.less template.
    width: 100%

If you prefer the text to be on the left instead of centred, use this:
    width: 100%;
    text-align: left;
    justify-content: left;

if you want the Spoiler : text removed for spoilers which have a custom title, edit the bb_code_tag_spoiler template to this:
<xf:css src="bb_code.less" />

<div class="bbCodeSpoiler">
    <xf:button class="bbCodeSpoiler-button{{ $title ? ' button--longText' : '' }}" data-xf-click="toggle"
        data-xf-init="tooltip" title="{{ phrase('click_to_reveal_spoiler') }}">

        <xf:if is="$title">
            <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">{$title}</span>
        <xf:else />
            <span>{{ phrase('spoiler') }}</span>
    <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content">
        <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler">
            <div class="bbCodeBlock-content">{$content}</div>